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Service & Support

Service & Support

In need of service, replacement parts, specs, drawings, or literature for a Solé Gourmet™ product? Have a question about your Solé Gourmet™ product and couldn’t find the answer in our FAQ?

Contact us by any of the following methods and a knowledgeable Service Representative will be in touch:

Mail, Phone or Fax

Attn: Service Department
Sierra Select Distributors, Inc.
4320 Roseville Road
North Highlands, CA 95660

tel: 916.483.9295
tel: 800.793.7334
fax: 800.481.5212


Please provide as much information as possible as this can shorten your service experience. A representative should contact you by the next business day. If you do not receive a timely response, please call to ensure we’ve received your message.

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