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With over 30 years of experience marketing and distributing luxury outdoor appliances, Sierra Select Distributors, Inc. continues to surprise and delight our customers with distinctive style, innovation, and design. Beyond meeting the needs of the worlds most demanding gourmet chefs, we’ve cultivated a better, more versatile, and affordable outdoor cooking environment with the complete Solé Gourmet™ product line.

View our product catalog to find the perfect solution to all your gourmet cooking desires.

Exceeding all expectations

Solé Gourmet™ products have been meeting and exceeding the needs of the worlds most demanding gourmet chefs since 2008; offering better, more versatile, and affordable cooking & entertainment solutions to the outdoor epicurean. Be it baking, boiling, broiling, frying, grilling, roasting, smoking, searing, or steaming, your every food preparation whim will be fulfilled by our professional line of gourmet appliances and accessories.

A Better Solution

Years of marketing & distribution experience have equipped Sierra Select with an exceptional understanding of the backyard connoisseur’s needs and desires. Now this wealth of knowledge & insight provides Solé Gourmet™ with the perfect foundation for a truly remarkable line of products. We’ve taken the best, most innovative & truly exceptional from the industry and crafted a better solution.

Incredible Versatility

By offering the most diverse selection of custom build-in and stand alone products possible Solé Gourmet™ facilitates freedom in design and function. Custom tailor the outdoor cooking experience you’ve always wanted without the limitations imposed by traditional installations. Our broad catalog offers a wealth of custom installation choices with unique features like our easy-swap infrared burners extending this flexibility even further. Continual research and quick incorporation of new innovations into our catalog ensures that Solé Gourmet™ will continue to provide incredible versatility in all our products.

Amazing Affordability

Our well established network of professional suppliers, shipping partners, and trusted dealers provides Solé Gourmet™ with the unique ability to produce and deliver our products quickly and safely while maintaining unrivaled affordability.

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